My 2021 Goals


New Year is the time for making broad, bold resolutions and goals.

2020 has been a difficult year, but I’m determined to go into the next one with a positive attitude and eyes on the prize.

I’ve got a number of smaller goals and baby steps along my road plan for 2021 — including writing more short stories, building up writing consistency, and keeping up with my blogging and reading targets — but here are my Big Three.

What plans, goals or dreams are you going into the New Year with?

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In no particular order…

1 – Plan and complete a first draft of a new WIP (Bluebeard inspired).

2 – Redraft, beta and edit TO WHICHEVER DARKNESS.

3 – Catch-up with all my outstanding and backlist ARCs on NetGalley. And when say backlist… oooh boy…

Have a happy New Year and a great Hogmanay, whatever that’s going to look like for you this year.

Here’s to us all having the best 2021 we can!

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