Some topics I’d love to write about someday


Ideas are the easy part, right?

I don’t know about you, but I can come up with dozens of ideas that ultimately go nowhere. One of the biggest hurdles is feeling like I really know my subject matter enough to confidently (and competently) fill 90,000 – 130,000 words.

Here are three topics that interest me — that I’d like to write something about someday — but where I need to do some heavy-lifting in the research department first.

Ancient Greece

I’m a huge Greek mythology fangirl and I know a lot of the stories (and different interpretations) inside out. There’s a few I’d love to tackle as retellings, but to do them justice, I need to bone up on the practical elements: day-to-day life, social norms and habits, food etc.

Time to dig out the history and archaeology books!

Victorian Spiritualists and Mesmerism

To be honest, the Victorians offer a wealth of ideas for Gothic, eerie or outright morbid stories.

The Victorian obsession for contacting the dead — and their seances, tarot readings and other types of fortune-telling — is fascinating. I’m especially fond of accounts of charlatans and con-artists in the field, and the techniques they used to outwit their audiences.

The Hellfire Club and the West Wycombe Caves.

A secret society for the rich and wealthy, meeting in underground chalk caves. The rumours about what the club’s members got up to range from orgies to satanic rituals to murder.

You can still visit the Hellfire Caves and it’s definitely on my To Do list.

So what about you?

Which ideas are brewing away at the back of your mind for future projects?

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