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Here you can find my blog posts, everything from rants about the writing process, interesting snatches of information I’ve found while researching and general updates on what I’m up to at the moment.

Queer Retellings

I love retellings — fairy tales, mythology, classic novels — you name it.

I love seeing which elements each author considers worth keeping and what new angles and parts of themselves they bring to the story. When you’ve seen the core elements time-and-again, how much of the story can you change without losing the heart of the tale?

The WIP I worked on last year, In Whichever Darkness, was inspired by the classic ballet, Giselle, which was in turn inspired by “a prose passage about the Wilis in De l’Allemagne, by Heinrich Heine, and from a poem called “Fantômes” in Les Orientales by Victor Hugo.” (from Wikipedia).

My 2021 Goals

New Year is the time for making broad, bold resolutions and goals.

2020 has been a difficult year, but I’m determined to go into the next one with a positive attitude and eyes on the prize.

November 3rd: A Year of The Scribblers’ Circle and What I’ve Learned

It feels a bit trite so say that 2020 has been a rough year, but it’s true.
This writing group — this friend group — has been a spark of light during some really difficult times. I’ve never been one for having more than two or three close friends at a time, so I can’t believe how quickly I’ve come to feel so very close to these ladies. It feels like I’ve known them so much longer than a year.
And at the same time, it feels like no time at all! Was it really a full year ago I tiptoed into Caffe Nero in Falkirk, a long-time NaNoWriMo soloist heading into my first ever in-person meeting?
So, what’s changed for me — as a writer — in the past year?

NaNoWriMo 2020 and Why I’m Breaking the Rules

I love NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

Last November was peak NaNo for me: I went to my first in-person write-in’s, hit my 50,000-word goal, and met a group of writing buddies I still speak to (almost daily) twelve months later.

This year’s looking different. It’s 2020. I don’t think I need to explain more than that, right?

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